A simple guide explaining all the steps regarding the adoption of a Bengal kitten at Peace Home Bengal Kitten. It will help you to ensure a beautiful adoption experience and be ready to welcome your new Bengal kitten in your home.

Adopting or buying a Bengal kitten from us is made very easy as it requires just a ready and loving home with love for this cat breed and finance in place to pay for adoption and sustaining the kitten.

We also would like to have in mind these kittens are going to have a loving family with you as you are about to adopt. Treat this kitten with love and you'll be surprised how a kitten can show love to humans in such a way. These Kittens are indeed from a Peace Home as they'll bring utmost Peace to their new environments.


If you are interested in adopting a kitten but you are not ready financially to take this kitten, we have made it possible that you pay a certain a mount of money for us to keep this kitten for you. 

The price for reserving a kitten is $500. So a down payment of $500 must be made for us to have this kitten registered to your details as the new owner and keep for you.

This amount is deducted from the kitten's price, so once you are ready to take the kitten home, you will just have to complete the remaining amount as to the kitten's price.

So for example; A kitten price is $800. If you pay $500 for adoption reservation, then when you are ready and want to complete the payment, you will be paying $300 to complete the kitten's price and collect the kitten.

We give you a period of 1 week to be able to complete this payment and take your kitten home.

You can decide to change your preference on a kitten if you choose another kitten from the ones remaining or available but we do not refund the money for this reservation.


If you are financially ready to get any of our kitten, then you'll use this adoption mode where you will be able to pay the complete money demanded for the kitten.

The kittens prices are all the same and we are asking $800 per a kitten. This price is the best price we can give out a kitten and we are not selling out these kittens as to make ends meet but as a means to sustain this kitten breed.


Once you go through and choose a kitten and pay for the kitten, we proceed with making arrangements to fly the kitten to you.

So after you pay for a kitten, we have it delivered to you the next day unfailingly as we have to process necessary papers and flight arrangements with the pet courier. So we give it to 24 hour maximum after you make payment for a kitten for us to send the kitten to your address.

And regarding your location your kitten arrives either the same day or within 2 days. 

If you are in the USA, your kitten arrives you within 5 hours - 24 hours.

If you are in Canada, your kitten arrives within 24 hours to 48 hours.





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