Parents of the 6 Available litters.


Meet the King and the Queen.

This is Sam and Frida, the father and mother of all the kittens you find now on our website. They are all healthy and have complete shots and up to date vet records.

We had them from our past litter and had to groom them both and here we are with 6 adorable kittens by Sam and Frida.

Sam is the male. Sam is a Snow Mink Bengal cat and he weighs 17 pounds. Sam loves playing and still loves to be cuddled.

Frida is the mother Queen and loves to be treated as a queen. She is a Brown Bengal Cat and weighs 11 pounds.

"The Parents are NOT for Sale or Adoption"

Available Kittens

Available Male Kittens

Available Female Kittens

If you are looking for adorable kitten to fill your home with love, peace and happiness, then pick any of our Bengal kittens as we have brought them up with just the best qualities which they'll have to pass on to their new Homes.

Pick from our variety of Bengal kittens in regards to their colors and sex.





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